Cats Love Gifts

Let’s face it, cat’s LOOOOOOVE weird things being put on their heads.


Well, earlier today I was bouncing around the shadow web – not to be confused with the DARK WEB (which you seriously should never Tor your way to –  and I found some gems.

One of them was an amazing life-sized snuggie (or is it sunggy?) that had celery sticks all over it. One size fits all, for humans. Here’s the thing, it was actually made of celery. Yep, actually celery fibers. There was only one made, and you can’t buy it.


So I refuse to promote them.

The next thing I was found was amazing, truly astounding. But, you’ll have to check back tomorrow for that. Because once I stumbled upon the “Inflatable Unicorn Hat For Cats” I pretty much called it a day.

I mean look at it, it’s epic. It even says, CATS LOVE IT!

How could they not?

Here’s a brief explainer form the description

High Quality Vinyl
Four-Point Elastic Strap
Makes Your Cat Extraordinary

So many questions. Do they normally sell low-quality vinyl. How many points on an elastic strap are enough, how many are too much, are four just right? I mean, your cat is clearly already extraordinary if you are even considering this!

Now, the manufacturer has a professional copyright on board and here is their treatise:

Your cat makes a show of being regal and in control, but you could turn all that around with this Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats. It’s a vinyl, 5-1/2″ (14 cm) long unicorn horn with a four-point elastic strap system that holds it comfortably on a kitty’s noggin. Why have just a regular cat, when you could have a uni-cat.

Yeah, that’s good stuff. Now, I went to Amazon, and lo and behold it’s on Prime. Get yours now with free shipping! 

But nothing, nothing I say!, can prepare you for the comments section. Here it is in all of its glory, the Questions and Answers:


I mean, is that not the best thing you’ve read all day? Of course it is.

52% 5 star reviews.

Get yours today and piss your cat off, but get awesome sharable pics.