Do Nothing – No seriously, try it.

I love Calm; the app, not the action.

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It’s actually why I need the app. You may notice a theme around here is that I am searching for balance. Seeking some calm in the storm, as it were. Yet, at the same time, I am insanely busy and productive because I have so many creative projects coming to a fruition. One thing that Calm has been excellent at is showing the way to introduce some calmness into people’s lives.

It’s not a zero sum game. One doesn’t have to be in tune with the universe and in a state of total bliss at all times! But, much like a salad, you definitely need to include it in the mix. I’m not seeking nirvana necessarily. I am wise enough to know that the pursuit of depth and understanding is the actual reward, not the d the destination. If you seek the end of the road, the disappointment of never finding it will crush you each time.

It is with all of this in mind that I would like to share with you this small little gift.

It’s called Do Nothing For 2 Minutes (by your friends at Calm)

First, it’s a great marketing landing page for the app. A little bit-sized prepper for the app.

But, as an experience, an experiment, it’s actually amazingly effective.

So, I dare you, I implore you, I invite you to Do Nothing For 2 Minutes.