Does Jack Even Use Twitter?

Of course, he does. He tweets a lot recently. He always throws a “like” to @RickRubin ‘s Buddhist-like temporary posts too, which I love. But perhaps, he just doesn’t understand Twitter anymore?

In this Washington Post interview by Tony Romm, ReporterElizabeth Dwoskin, Silicon Valley reporter, he just continually trips up over what the core users of Twitter want.

“The most important thing that we can do is we look at the incentives that we’re building into our product,” Dorsey said. “Because they do express a point of view of what we want people to do — and I don’t think they are correct anymore.” – Jack Dorsey  to Washington Post

THAT’S the most important thing? No, no it isn’t. First of all, stop calling it a product, that’s a tired old, douchey way to express your company to VCs, but not the public.

From the article, “The company has updated its policies to emphasize that content that is “dehumanizing” or causes “real-world harm” would not be permitted, but Dorsey said executives were still figuring out how to define those terms.”  

This interview was part of Dorsey’s charm offensive meant to quell the outrage in conservative circles of shadow banning (unproven) and then ultimately providing a timeout for Alex Jones.

Anyone who has seen the president’s tweets know that he has broken the terms over and over and over and over again. But Twitter Don’t Give AF because he’s “a world leader.”

How did we get here? First, Twitter is chasing growth and weight, and abandoning its core principles. This was meant to be short, fast and live information platform, with real-time interactions and conversations about what’s happening NOW.  Just like his dad’s police scanner.

This is taken from a Fast Company interview in 2016

Jack Dorsey: We’re seeing a whole lot more momentum, and showing that as well, which has been fantastic to witness, and really energizing for the team. It all comes back to the role we serve in the world, and what people use us for. The clearest use case that is really strong for Twitter is around real-time use. And we’ve described that as “live.”

It’s something we’ve seen around the platform for close to 10 years. People see an event unfold in the world, and we ask a simple question: “What’s happening?” And they comment on it. It’s not just being able to deliver that news in real time and to do it with speed, faster than anyone else out there. But also to provide this really interesting social commentary around it, so that anyone can comment on what’s happening and give their own opinion. And sometimes conversations emerge from that.

Jack Dorsey – Fast Company 2016

They just seem to have lost their way. As someone who has been on Twitter for almost 10 years, it pisses me off. I do not like tweets out of order. I do not like Tweets You May Have Missed. I do not like Moments (never ever ever use them).  I do not like seeing other people’s “liked” tweets. I do not like seeing other people’s TLs in the form of comments either. RTs was/is enough.

We just want the tweets from the people we follow and we want them in the order they were tweeted.

I’m not alone either. Just behold the backlash from very even-minded folks:


There are plenty more of these, but that pretty much sums it up.

So, here’s what we want:

Tweets ONLY from the accounts I’ve chosen to follow

Tweets in the order in which they were tweeted. Let me scroll back

And, oh yeah, no threatening f’ing Nazis  (can’t believe we have to ask)

Thanks Twitter.

Ps. fix Verification and give me my ID back.