Finding Balance in Seeking Balance

Do you hustle, or do you reflect?

Are you busy, or do you go with the flow?

Should you grind it out, or sit back, reflect and then pounce?

The answer is, both. Right? We need to do all of these things today. Whether you are running your own business, running a household, or trying to bring creative projects to life, the key to it all is balance.

There are tons of memes and inspirational quotes that seem to be filled with contradiction.

Consider the great Tim Ferriss – a guru of efficiency. Here’s one of his gems

Tim Ferriss  quote.

But, what about Malcolm Gladwell? (The guru of 10,000 hours) What does he have to say?

So, can you be productive by merely observing? Is the time spent thinking and actually doing nothing the same as being productive? Again, it’s a balance.

I have been involved with startups and development where we had to grind it out for 20 hours a day for months. We got a shit ton done. I have also been in periods of my life where I spent massive amounts of time just playing video games, or watching TV, but I always had a notebook (and often a guitar) nearby. And wouldn’t you know it, some of my best ideas came to me at these times.

But, each of these periods also took it’s toll on me physically and mentally in their own way. When grinding, I was tired as hell. When relaxing, I felt guilty that wasn’t “accomplishing” anything.

I find myself in a weird period in my life. I am working on incredibly exciting creative projects that are fulfilling my soul, but at the same time, I have technical things (programming and developing of multiple apps, producing podcasts, etc.) that need my attention today. Add to that I have personal projects – organizing my personal media, finishing books, backing up, recording my back catalog, etc., – that are on the back burner for now, but shouldn’t be.

Add to all of this, after a very tumultuous year in which I almost cashed out all my chips in this life, I am re-evaluating all of the people in my life who have shown me that my value to them is not what I thought it was.

Insight: Even if you almost die, it turns out you are not very special to many you assumed you were. In fact, some will complete ghost you and perhaps it’s because they are afraid to face their mortality, but I can tell you that it absolutely sucks to come to this realization.  It’s shocking, it’s a bit sad. But, you have the power to separate form them. You have the power to take back your pride, no matter what tragedy you have experienced.

Add to that, I have been Kondo’d. I have massive amounts of reorganizing.

Have You Been Kondo’d?

So much of this does not “spark joy,” the least of which is embarking on the task of downsizing. Let me also say, maybe not everything is meant to “spark joy” in this moment? What if some of your possessions spark joy much later in life built do not right now, but you get rid rid of them in the name of a cleaner room thereby preventing future joy?

Maybe I am taking it too far? Probably.

All of this has me thinking about balance.

Honestly, I haven’t found it, yet.

I’m not sure if we ever can find it. I’m starting to think that achieving balance is actually in the art of trying to find balance. 

Anyway, if you are feeling this way too, you are not alone.

Now, I’m off to unpack boxes with a big ol’ garbage bag while I also wait on these contract revisions and backup my photo library.