Give to a Fire Department Today

Supporting “first responders” has become a catch-all phrase. That’s fine; EMTs, paramedics and more need your help. But the true first responders and the usually the very first to any tragic scene are Firefighters. The men and women of fire departments around the country are the unassailable heroes that we should be exalting every chance we get.

Running into burning buildings. Being the first to administer CPR. Having to be in physical and mental shape at every moment’s notice. They don’t carry guns, there is no “thin red line,” they don’t get involved in judicial matters. They are never accused of stealing property or skimming off of those they serve. There are no “Fuck the Firefighters” songs, and that’s for a good reason – they just do their jobs, spending days at a time waiting for a tragedy to strike and then springing into action.

They are no less than heroes, but they are human.

So, find a firefighter and buy them coffee. Go to your local firehouse and bring some cookies. Volunteer, donate to these places below by clicking on the logos and just thank them.

Of course, there are Firefighter calendars!


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Donate to National Fallen Firefighter Foundation

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