Just Leave Your Shit Anywhere

I know this is going to come off as an old guy shouting on the lawn, but I really don’t care; the kids today are lazy.

razor or scooter?

First, let’s get one thing straight, all of these companies would like you to call this a “Scooter”

I thought it was a razor or upright skateboard.



Many of us would consider this the actual “Scooter”

Yet others may argue it’s a Moped, and they might be correct too.


By the way, never ride your Scooter, Moped, or Razor like this.

Semantics aside,  if you don’t know why this is a heated discussion right now, Vox’s Explainer can help you out.

Much digital ink has been spilled opining about the effect on motorized transportation and traffic flow because of these sharing services, the increased injuries and hospitalizations resulting from newbies riding around busy streets, and many more issues. Even so far as positing that the world will be healthier.

These are all valid points. I find it criminal that these companies are renting motorized vehicles without helmets. That would be like ordering an Uber and getting into a car that doesn’t have a seat belt today. How strange would that be? I see the folks whizzing about on their new rides, dipping in and out of traffic, no helmet, probably high or tipsy. It’s just amazing.

But this is no fad, it’s only growing.

This is not going away:

Uber Plans Shift to E-Bikes and Scooters for Short, Inner-City Rides

Uber and Alphabet just invested $335 million in Lime — here’s why scooter start-ups are suddenly worth billions


This is what it looks like when they invade your city:


And this from my walk this morning

Lime and Uber Bike

Good for Uber, good for Lime, and Bird and Doohickey and good for the next company to “disrupt” last mile transportations.

Here’s my problem with it, it looks shitty. It looks low rent. It’s sloppy and lazy.

My city, Denver, didn’t appreciate it at first.

The city of Denver is starting to confiscate scooters (and could charge $999 fines)

But the city did relent and it looks like the companies will only expand.

“Are you ready for thousands more bikes and scooters in Denver? Better be.”

Santa Monica doesn’t like it either

When I was growing up I get tall hell for leaving my bike in the yard. I’d get screamed out for leaving my skateboard just outside the front door.  My dad would genuinely be pissed off that I wouldn’t put my things away in the garage, out of sight. He said it made us look like trash in the neighborhood. We were kind of poor, so we did look like trash, but he didn’t want me to add to that. Ha!

So, my problem with this whole new wave of disruption is that we are teaching the young people to just leave their shit wherever they please and someone else will take care of it. I hate it.

Do we really need to live with crap all over the city side]walks and on our lawns to participate in the sharing future?

I stand with every dad of the past, wearing black socks and sandals, walking to get the newspaper while hitting my cherrywood pipe and wearing a dirty white tank top…


Or at least find a place to put your shit away.

K? Thx.

The Management.