Some People Just Love To Argue

This has been a month of constant arguments. Some people just seem to love to do it, but to what end? Do you really think you’re changing hearts and minds when you get snippy, or worse, yell at someone? Because, I’m here to tell you, you’r not. At best, you might get your way just because the other person doesn’t not want to dwell in your shit-soaked cloud encompassing them. Even if you do get your way, guess what I am going to remember about the interaction? You, and your foul mouth, your furled brow, your exasperated word salad.

I’m just sick of it. I’m sick of mornings being ruined by people that just want to be contrary and have no real real logical leg to stand on. They just want to bitch. They just want to challenge. Often, they think this is contributing to the conversation; no, it is not. Just because you speak words doesn’t mean they have equal value in a true conversation. Just be honest, you don’t want to admit someone else is right. Just say it, loud and proud. “I’M TOO FRAGILE TO ACCEPT YOUR THESIS BECAUSE I HAVEN’T PUT THE WORK IN INTELLECTUALLY TO GRASP THE CONCEPT AND THE CIRCUMSTANCES THAT MAY OR MAY NOT AFFECT IT SO I AM GOING TO JUST TAKE THE OPPOSITE VIEW IN HOPES OF BEING RECOGNIZED AS AN EQUAL PARTICIPANT IN THIS CONVERSATION!”

I’m sick of people who instead of trying to work with others to solve a problem, seem to just want to assign blame, thereby deflecting any responsibility on themselves. Look, shit happens, it just does. It’s often not directly the result of anyone’s actions. If someone is entrusted with trying to find solutions to problems that pop up, maybe cut them a break. Maybe, just maybe, they are as frustrated as you.

I’m sick of seeing people get pissed off over coffee orders or less than stellar customer service. Just because the gal at 7-11 doesn’t compliment you or act like you’re the most important person in line doesn’t mean that you get to be bitchy with your snide comments. You’re not entitled to be treated exceptionally. I know that’s probably a surprise to you (and your ego), but you’re not. That’s why we put the “extra” in front of “ordinary.”

I’m especially sick of tired old arguments. Flat-earth, trickle down, moon landing, digital advertising, TOS, AI, music streaming, values, religion, history, and whatnot (shout out to George Wallace). Your dickish way of conveying your points has zero sway on me. Especially if you’re quoting or some other marginal blog site as a source.

I guess my point is this, stop arguing so much. Just talk to others. Debate is fine too. Think through what you’re saying, phrase it a way that is constructive instead of just blurting it out. People will wait for a fully-formed thought. Take a beat.  Try to find a solution. If they are an unwilling or unqualified participant, smile and walk away. That’s it. Find others who don’t argue.

But, stop arguing. It’s hurting society. It’s hurting your relationships. What worse, it’s not serving you. Oh, you may feel powerful in the moment, but really what you’ve done is lose a smidge of respect in other’s minds, you’ve raised your blood pressure, you’ve elevated your cortisol. That’s right, arguing is killing you.

Shit, I know it’s killing me.


If you really want to let me have it about this post. If you’re dying to argue with me…

Cool, just dial 719-266-2837 and press 2, I’ll be with you shortly.