The Rock Gospels – Winger – Easy Come, Easy Go

We now turn to the Apocryphal text of Winger – Book 2 – Chapter 4:

And he shouted unto them with a mighty scream, “And the … only, only, only…”

A small man shaking from the thunderous voice he had just heard uttered, “My lord, are you having a stroke? Hast thou stutter returneth?”

The finely-trimmed bearded one flashed him a wolf-toothed grin with the shine of one thousand cherubs, and started again,

“And the only, only, only way you find it….” and he paused

And as the words hung in the air, they asked, “What, teacher? What is the ‘only way’ for us humble servants to find “it”? And also, what is IT?

Serenely he whispered to the awaiting crowd, “Is if you’re not digging too deep.” He then whirled in a half circle and sat with his back to them for effect, and just as quickly turned back toward them, “Though it’s easier said than done,” shaking his finger, and stroking the razor-thin hair on his chin.

The crowd looked at one another, bewildered. Surely it must be possible to be done. Perhaps not easy, but definitely attainable, they thought. And lo, deep is a subjective term. “But Master,” they cried. “Give us a sign, how shall we know IT?”

And he spake as if he was talking the last among them, “You’ve got to feel it in your blood .”

The crowd started to rise together in a murmur.

He pointed at what seemed like everyone, and said with the knowing gaze of a King, “Play the game like you’ve already won.”

“Ahhhhhh,” the crowd heaved in unison.

“But oh exalted one, how shall we know the game, and by your will, how shall we win? How can we, lowly followers, own it?”

The chosen one placed a single foot upon a rock, displaying his tasseled sandal, rested his arm across his thigh and stared into the valley, “And you only only only own it when you say…”

“He’s doing it again,” muttered the small man out of the side of his mouth.

And then, with the sound of a chorus of angels, he shouted,
“Easy Come Easy Go! This won’t break my heart, don’t you know”

A boy with a wooden eye, clearly confused by the double negative used, needed further guidance from the chosen one. He walked up toward the rock, fixed his one good eye on him, and with the petulance of a child said, “How don’t we know it will not break our heart?”

The dear one smiled, knowing the boy was testing his faith and said,
“Sometimes high,
sometimes low.
Easy Come
Easy Go”

And as he said “Go” he trailed his voice down in tone, almost demonically. He slurred it as, “Goooooooooooo” to a lower place in his voice.

The boy, frightened by the sound of “Go” ran back toward the edge of the crowd. And, having only one eye, tripped into a hole.

Just then, a small, apple-cheeked, girl tugged at the anointed one’s leather robe, “But what of us children? What can you possibly know of us, oh Master?”

He adoringly looked at the child, brushing her hair aside, “You fell in a trap that won’t let you win.”

And yea, she had fallen into a trap, not more than three suns ago. And yea, indeed, she had not won her victory. The girl was amazed by his spiritual wisdom.

“You try again and again,” he reassured her. And yea, she had tried multiple times, many things. The crowd had grown closer to hear his words of enlightenment. Some moving especially close behind the Master.

One man, a father holding a goat, caught the Master’s eye.
He rose, pointed at the father and exclaimed with a knowledge of the heavens, “You! You let the heat burn your feet!”

The man fell to his knees (still holding the goat), and wept at his tasseled feet. “I have. I have let the heat burn me. And not just my feet. Bless me. Forgive me.”

As hair cascaded from one side to the other in the wind, he spun his wooden instrument around to his back, turned to the girl and affixed his gaze again, “Baby try to understand that you only only only own it when you say…”

“There it is, again,” thought the small man.

He continued, “Easy Come, Easy Go. This won’t break my heart, don’t you know.”
He paused, and lifted his arms to the heavens, “Sometimes high,” and then he dropped to the ground, belly down in the dirt, and turned his head those standing nearest who could see him, “sometimes low.”

He smiled and rose up as the crowd knowingly looked at one another sharing their understanding. Some were mimicking his example to explain the conception of the “high and low” path to salvation.

And as the sun set over the mountain that shall not be named, the three-lettered chosen one motioned for everyone to settle down, as he had some final words:

“So if you start to feel like there’s no time to waste…”

Much of the crowd nodded.

“Baby try to let go .”

Almost all of the women nodded.

“There’s nothing that strong – can’t break your heart”

“Again with the double negative,” said the boy with the wooden eye.

“Sometimes high,” the crowd rose as one with their arms high in the air.

“Sometimes low,” the entire crowd fell belly down onto the ground in unison.

The master was pleased, knowing that the multitude before him had indeed received this blessed message. Their ears had heard it, and their hearts understood it.

“Yes, I see it now,” thought the goat-carrying father. “It’s a balance, and no matter what path lay before me I must let things come and go easily. I am truly saved.”

And as he said these words, “And you only only only own it when you say…”
He motioned his arms for everyone to gather and help him sing to the heavens so that all who have ears shall hear the message of hope delivered on this day, and they all sang:

“Easy Come, Easy Go”
“Easy Come, Easy Go”
(trailing on the last “Go” in unison)

And yea, it was easy. And verily, it did go.
And it was good.