Voting Is Not Political But Not Voting Is

It’s midterms time. Time to vote for positions of the most disliked people in government. Oh sure, the Cons will tell you that “bureaucrats” are most hated, and the Dems will tell you it’s that guy in the Oval, but they are both wrong. It’s Congress. It’s always Congress.

In an average polls, less than 19% approve of the Congress’ job performance.

There are 435 members of the House of Representatives and 100 members of the Senate.

All 435 seats in the House and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate will be decided. Additionally, 39 state and territorial governorships as well as numerous other state and local elections will also be contested.

There will also be tons of ballot issues, such as, Redistricting laws in Colorado 

Four states will be voting on cannabis.

There are tons of others, but I’m not here to talk about that. Even if I did, many would dismiss it as being “political.” Shut the fuck up please. Being political is a dog whistle for people who can only see hot button issues like abortion or gun rights. What about the AG of your state? How about the the Tax levy for your school district? Are those political? How about Marijuana usage, judgeships, or voting on the person who will represent your district in the state legislature, the person who is to fix the potholes and support business licensing? Is that political?


No. It’s not.

Voting is something that adults just do.  Like having insurance on your car or changing your underwear. Sure, you don’t HAVE to do those things, but you’re not really an adult if you don’t. Much like being an adult, voting is not perfect. Sorry, you don’t get the perfect candidate, the perfect ballot initiative. Don’t be a child. It’s a compromise, it always has been. You people waiting for perfectly aligned positions are the same fools who wish and hope for perfect avocados. It’s rare.

People WILL fill those positions. By not voting you are not affecting change in any way except maybe against yourself. Congress will be seated.

In fact, NOT voting IS political. You are silencing your voice. You are not participating. You are an anarchist. You are someone who is telling the government that all the lives lost, all of the blood shed, all of the struggles to get the right to vote for women, minorities, immigrants doesn’t matter to you. You are saying that the rich should decide for you. Because guess what, the rich vote. The rich ARE what you would consider political, they just call it influential.


This also holds true for those people who say their vote doesn’t count because their team or issue has no chance of winning. That’s just not true. There is no such thing as a blue or red district, they are all purple with different percentages, often much close than you think. But your reps have no idea of the true nature of them if YOU don’t vote.

If you don’t vote it makes it easier to rig elections too. This is how young democracies ands third world countries do it. Prevent the masses form voting by disenfranchising them, then the vote totals don’t have to be changed so drastically. A few votes here or there and presto, you can rig it.

If you don’t vote you are inviting other countries to attack our elections. And they have. That is proven. I can’t think of anything more political than risking your freedom of democracy because you just kinda don’t wanna read up on issues. What a wussy, what a dupe, what a dolt. Reminds me of the wisest bunny of our time, Bugs Bunny.

If you don’t vote it is absolutely political.

Spamming people on Facebook with your hate gifs, that’s political.

Calling voters to sway them, that’s political.

Voting is not.


Last Days to Register

In fact, there is no need to tell people who or what you voted for. I have never understood this. Just vote and shut up. Vote and scream. I don’t care. Just vote.

Register and Vote

Here is my challenge to you. Don’t be political, vote.

  1. Go to  check your registration or register
  2. Request mail-in or absentee ballots now
  3. Vote