Welcome to My New Home

After many years of spreading my content and thoughts all over the internet, I’ve decided to make this website my new home.

I will be writing on this site, and I am in the process of migrating all of my other writing here as well. So, read away. Some guidelines: I often write on the music business and music tech, but I also write about whatever the hell I want. There will be politics, there will be sex, there will be cussing.

I don’t do comments here, but feel free to hit me up on twitter @michaelstjames

Check out my Music here. There will be links to all the major platforms, some YouTube fun, and some of my other musical projects.

Check out my Books and Ebooks – coming soon.

Work with me here.

I’ve created and run some startups and helped market and launch others. From time to time,  I embark on Creative Experiments, and I will be sharing my past results as well as developing new challenges. Some examples might be: music as medicine, future of streaming, less than 1 minute songs, doubled YouTube videos, AI story capture, AR launches, etc.

Thanks for dropping by!